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Do you have these large items for our learning space?

  • metal lockers (6-12 additional units, half or full sized)
  • 5 gallon water tanks for the water cooler
  • a table that seats 8-12 with chairs
  • kitchen cabinetry - pending pickup Thank You!
  • a Brock Magiscope (child-friendly microscope)
  • coat hooks - winter is coming!
  • ID card printer
  • Flat Screen Television
  • DVD Player
  • Projector - pending pickup, thank you!
  • Basic sound system (including microphone and speakers)
  • electric hot plates (induction preferred)
  • Tools and tool storage
  • A globe not more than 5 years old
  • headphones (6) for technology classes
  • a variety of sports balls and equipment (soccer, football, jump ropes, etc - things that can be easily transported to the park)
  • Indoor exercise equipment, such as a bosu, yoga mat, exercise ball, or pull up bar (no free weights)
  • Board games, card games and puzzles for all ages
  • High quality books, educational toys and manipulatives
  • Novels and nonfiction for teens
  • child-sized cozy seating (i.e. soft couches and chairs for little ones)

Smaller Items that are Needed:

  • WE NEED LINED PAPER, also construction, cardstock, and colored
  • heavy duty three pronged power strips (3)
  • newspaper (for paper mache)
  • paper coffee cups (8-10oz)
  • tape of all kinds - duct, scotch, masking, washi, etc.
  • markers
  • large erasers
  • paint
  • watercolors (liquid)
  • sculpey clay and clay tools (rollers, knives, etc)
  • high quality art supplies (chalk pastels, watercolor paper, drawing pencils, etc)
  • low temp hot glue guns and sticks
  • Men's button down shirts (for paint smocks)
  • Amazon, Costco or Target gift cards

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