Who provides supplies and materials?

Donations are always appreciated, but reimbursements are available for pre-approved expenses that directly meet a stated volunteer need.


Any adult in the family may work toward completing the hours requirement. Teens may also contribute with permission of the director (typically with a role that we mutually agree upon as a good fit - we love our teen volunteers!).



Absolutely.  In fact, you are encouraged to do so!  Hours carry over within the current school year.  All hours worked at Dimensions Family School contribute to a vibrant, engaged community.  Thank you for investing your energy to create a special place for our children to learn and grow together.  Your efforts are what make a Family School unique!


Yes.  Please use the "notes" box in the form to the left to designate your hours to another family.  This is often done if someone has become ill or has a family hardship.  Other families may step up to cover the need.


Congratulations!  We do not require families with a newborn to volunteer for the last four weeks of pregnancy or first twelve weeks of post-partum recovery. Please bring in the baby for snuggles when you feel comfortable though, and let us know how WE can help YOU!



Dimensions Family School operates because of you!
If you are a current member and need to log your hours, use the form below, or scroll down to see volunteer positions that still need to be filled:

Current Volunteer Needs

Questions?  Unsure of what to offer to our communtiy? You can email our volunteer coordinatorVolunteer at Dimensions Family School dot org

  • Want to teach at DFS? Create a Class Proposal!  These particular needs have been requested from member families:

    • ​High School level Art Survey and drawing

    • High School World History

    • Middle School Art Survey

    • Elementary School foundational literacy (reading & writing)

    • Can you take over facilitation of one or more Derek Owens class (middle/high math and science)?
    • IMACS Math Curriculum (all grades, we have materials)
    • Can you offer a high school level foreign language?
    • How about a practical life skill, such as sewing or auto repair?
  • Field Trip Coordinator (Discovery/Foundatons) - Plan fun outings for our younger students!  This person will work closely with our Explorations/LaunchPad coordinator to offer special events to our community. 
  • Help with Cleaning!  See the front desk for details.
  • Media Coordinator - get the word out about our unique learning space (can be done remotely, needs strong internet technology background)

  • FUNdraising Coordinator - this person handles small projects (like book fairs and bulk materials purchases for families).  A team of families that are interested in this position may handle a larger project like a Knowledge Fair.

  • Office Support - reply to voicemail, write back to contact us emails, etc.

  • Front Desk Support - "staff the desk" including answering questions as people come in the door and keep an eye out for students in the Art/Tinkering room for a few hours each week

  • Become a Board Member!  We are specifically looking for a community representative (not a member family), another person of color, another dad within our member community, and someone who has specific business or financial skills that can support our nonprofit's sustainability and growth
  • Run parent support groups (must be a licensed counselor/social worker)

  • Electrician and Plumbing Contractors - We need a licensed electrician and plumber to do specific tasks (Plumbing: install a sink in our kitchen area, add a drinking fountain, add a small sink for small hands Electrician: mount hand dryers in bathroom and run power).  Our lease requires this person to be a professional.
  • Field Trip coordinator - plan awesome group outings and take advantage of discounts!  Options include the planetarium, zoo, animal refuge, art museums, performing arts events and more!

  • Special Events coordinator - create awesome events at Dimensions Family School for members and/or the wider community.  These could be related to holidays, service project opportunities, social events, coordinating with local businesses, and much more!

  • Solicit local partnerships with businesses close by.  We have discounts and daytime class opportunities in Durham because of families that are reaching out to business owners.  Please speak with staff before representing Dimensions in a formal conversation.

  • Photographer for special events (school photos, dances) and promo shots (pics of our space, staff members, etc)

  • Light Construction and Facility Maintenance: build a new exterior bulletin board.  Help install the kitchen!  Make repairs and hang art, mount bookshelves to the wall, and other light interior projects.

  • Welcome our Newborn Members!  Families that have a baby while attending DFS need some special care.  Can you put together a program to support them?

  • Graphic Design: spiff up our logo and font, make sure they conform to the needs of our vendors, and order various Dimensions Family School products online (stamp, labels, vinyl banner, t-shirts, magnets, bumper stickers, tote bags, mugs). You must have a graphic design background to be successful in this volunteer position (it is surprisingly tricky for a lay person!)

  • Create a Google Calendar for our families that lists everyone's birthdays!  Data will be kept private for members only.

  • Plan a Family Campout and other outdoor adventures for member families

  • Dads Event Coordinator: Plan a Guy's Night!

  • Plan a series of family movie nights (requires motion picture licensing, which DFS staff will help arrange).  

  • Update our website

  • Consider your own unique interests and talents and offer them to the community!  Some of the best volunteer offerings are things the staff never could have imagined.  Your passion and interest is our greatest asset.

  • Identify a need and discuss it with staff - it could be posted here!