Diversity and Inclusion Policy (including Bullying)

Dimensions Family School acknowledges that all students have the right to participate fully in the educational process, free from bullying and harassment, and in that regard, a safe and civil environment is necessary for students to learn and to achieve their goals. Bullying and harassment, like other disruptive or violent behaviors, are forms of conduct that disrupt both a student’s ability to learn and our organization's ability to execute our mission in a safe environment. Because students learn by example, faculty, staff, and volunteers should be expected to demonstrate appropriate behavior, treat others with civility and respect, and refuse to tolerate bullying and harassment.


A. “Bullying” means written, verbal or physical conduct that adversely affects the ability of one or more students to participate in or benefit from educational programs or activities by placing the student (or students) in reasonable fear of physical harm. This includes conduct that is based on a student’s actual or perceived race, color, national origin, sex, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion or any other distinguishing characteristics that may be defined by federal law. This also includes association with a person or group with one or more of the above mentioned characteristics, whether actual or perceived.

B. “Harassment” means written, verbal or physical conduct that adversely affects the ability of one or more students to participate in or benefit from educational programs or activities because the conduct is so severe, persistent or pervasive. This includes conduct that is based on a student’s actual or perceived race, color, national origin, sex, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, or any other distinguishing characteristics that may be defined by federal law. This also includes association with a person or group with one or more of the above mentioned characteristics, whether actual or perceived.

C. “Cyber-bullying” means use of any electronic communication technology to bully or harass, as defined above, one or more students, regardless of location or the type of electronic communication used. 

Bullying, harassment, and cyber-bullying are prohibited. Retaliation or threats of retaliation meant to intimidate the victim of bullying, harassment, or cyber-bullying, or toward those investigating incidents thereof, are also prohibited.

Dimensions Family School is non-sectarian; we have a diverse mix of perspectives, diverse religious beliefs, cultural traditions, educational philosophies, and political beliefs (among many others). Due to our diversity, Dimensions Family School does not take a group position on matters of public policy, and specifically does not participate in lobbying as a group. Individual members are free to contact their elected representatives or government officials on behalf of themselves or their individual homeschool but are prohibited from doing so on behalf of Dimensions Family School.  We expect our membership to engage respectfully with other members and seek common ground and mutual goodwill, for the benefit of our members and wider community.

Community Expectations and Discipline Policy

The discipline policy of Dimensions Family School is based upon the goal of self-discipline. Therefore, each child is helped to take the responsibility for which s/he is ready. The basic rules are simple: No one may hurt another child, her/himself, a teacher, the equipment, or the facility. Children are encouraged to realize that they are always accepted even though their actions may not be acceptable. Corporal punishment is not used. Redirection, explanation, interpretation, and, in extreme cases, isolation from the group (removal to another part of the room until the child feels able to rejoin the others with acceptable behavior) are the methods used. The emphasis is not upon punishment for the kinds of behavior which occur very naturally as children learn how to work cooperatively in a group situation, but upon understanding what happened and helping the child to learn better ways of dealing with conflicts.

In addition, our discipline policy includes the following restrictions:

a. There shall be no cruel, harsh or unusual punishments.

b. No discipline technique shall be delegated to any other child.

c. No physical restraints shall be used to confine a child.

d. No child shall be placed in a locked room.

e. No child shall be humiliated or subjected to profane language or other verbal abuse.

f. Discipline shall not be imposed on a child for failure to eat or toileting accidents.

g. Techniques of discipline shall not humiliate, shame or frighten a child.

h. Discipline shall be related to the misbehavior and administered immediately.

Adults and children have the same expectations for self-control, kind language, and respect.  Adults may speak with a child other than their own to correct a behavior or help mediate a disagreement when necessary.

Media and open door policy

 While participating in sponsored programs and activities at Dimensions Family School, members are supervised by staff and volunteers. However, Dimensions Family School has an open door policy, which means that members of any age may enter or exit the building as they please during open hours. Dimensions Family School relies on parents to set appropriate limits and grant permission to be at the facility. It is imperative that you establish and enforce rules about whether your children may leave alone, or with other children. If your children are not allowed to leave Dimensions Family School alone or with others, please plan to come inside to drop off your children at the start of their supervised activities and pick up your children at the conclusion of their supervised activities. Dimensions Family School cannot be responsible for children prior to their arrival at our main facility or if they voluntarily leave the premises.  There is no expectation of daily attendance.  We are not a daycare center, not a licensed childcare facility, and not responsible for the time or manner in which your child may arrive at or leave the building.  Dimensions Family School is an educational nonprofit with an open door policy.  All members, child and adult, are free to come and go as they choose during regular open hours.

Media usage at Dimensions Family School is at the discretion of member families.  We have a robust wi-fi option for member families to access the internet; however, internet safety is the responsibility of the member.  Devices that are used on the premises will be provided by member families (not by Dimensions Family School) and all content, including virus protection and filtering software, will be provided by the member. Content that is presented in a structured program by an instructor will be age appropriate and relevant to the class content; student use outside of formal programming is at the discretion of the family.  No pornography, drugs or alcoholic content should be viewed on the premises. We expect students to be good citizens, and to turn off content that is objectionable to bystanders upon request.

waiver and hold harmless agreement

Member families, program participants and guests have voluntarily made the decision to enroll my child(ren), occupy the premises, and/or allow participation in the programming provided by Dimensions Family School.  I hereby give permission for myself and/or my child(ren)’s participation in this programming and I assume all risk associated with such participation in the activity(ies), including inside classroom activities and outside play, including but not limited to using play structures and equipment.  I hereby release volunteers, employees, board members, and the Dimensions Family School organization from any liability arising out of any injury to myself and/or child(ren) who is(are) participating in all programming or during any time when a student is on the premises where programming is taking place. I consent to any adult on the premises providing first aid or treating minor ailments as he or she deems appropriate.  In the event that I cannot be reached during a medical emergency, I hereby give permission to the physician(s) or other health care professionals selected by Dimensions Family School staff to treat my child(ren) as the emergency requires, with injection, x-rays, anesthesia, hospitalization, surgery or any other medical procedure.  I further direct any health care provider to release detailed medical information on my child(ren) to Dimensions Family School staff until a parent can be reached.  I also give my permission to Dimensions Family School to release any available medical information to any health care provider or insurance company.  This waiver shall be and remain in effect for all times that myself and/or child(ren) shall be enrolled or participating in Dimensions Family School programming or during free play time at this location.   This waiver is valid for all family members, including non-participating siblings, friends and family members. 

Additionally, I understand that I am responsible for supervising my child(ren) before and after all formal enrollment when the facility is open.  Both my child(ren) and I understand and my child(ren) shall comply with all building and outside safety rules, including without limitation:
1.  Staying within the designated area where programming is taking place.
2.  Obeying all safety rules, either verbal or written, given by a Dimensions Family School staff or volunteer.
4.  Following our overall rules at all times: Be Kind and Stay Safe.

payment, auto draft, and volunteer commitment policy

Membership payments are auto-drafted on the 1st of each month, and will include any additional fees incurred during the month previous for snacks, small programming charges, and other incidentals that have been approved by the member family. Payment for programming that requires a registration with related fees will take place at the time of registration.  Refunds are not permitted except for medical emergencies that preclude attendance.  All full time member families commit to two hours of volunteer time per week per child.  If this requirement is not met, members may pay $30 per missed hour in lieu of their volunteer commitment.  Volunteers are at the heart of Dimensions Family School.  We look forward to your contributions to make our facility a vibrant, engaged place of learning.​​

photo and video release 

Parents have the option to choose whether or not photographs and video of themselves and/or their children may be included in publications, presentations, web pages or social media produced by Dimensions Family School and/or news releases sent to external media sources throughout the year. Photos and video may be taken while families are actively engaged in Dimensions Family School programming and distributed without further notification and consent unless specified on the application form submitted by the family.  No names will be used in public communications without written consent of the parent or guardian. Photos and video are typically shared on social media and in press releases for the purposes of communications and marketing.

NOTE: No payment will be made to a person photographed under terms of this release or to his/her family if and when the photographs are used in publications, presentations, video productions, or Web sites. Parents/guardians waive the right to preview or approve the finished photographs or video.