Frequently Asked Questions

Membership Details and Pricing



Membership is not required to take classes or attend certain public activities at Dimensions Family School. You may
enroll in a class or public program as a non-member; however, membership has several benefits.

All membership levels - per FAMILY and not per child - give you access to:

  • Use of the space during regular operating hours for studying or meeting with friends, as shown on the school calendar.  Normal operating hours are 9am-4pm, Monday through Friday, on a modified standard school year calendar.
  • Use of the Art and Tinkering Lab at no additional cost
  • All Free Clubs for the appropriate age level (Minecraft hour, Outdoor Adventures, Book Clubs, Game Times, etc)
  • Invitations to schoolwide events and celebrations.
  • Discounted pricing for special events.  Teen nights and movie nights are free for members.
  • Discounted pricing at a wide variety of local merchants - food, hair salons, dance studios, music lessons, and more!
  • Priority registration for summer programming and registration in subsequent years.


Program membership is $80 per month, per family.  As a program member, you commit to 2 hours of volunteering per week. 

Formal classes are paid for on a per-class basis.  Sign up and pay as you go!  Great for families that only want one or two classes per quarter – saves you $$!  Most classes are less than $8 per instructional hour. 

Our rates for partner organizations (music lessons, camps, sports, etc) are at least 1/3 off the normal price from the partner organization.  We pass the savings on to you!


Full Membership allows a family to use DFS and register for formal classes and activities without breaking the bank!  It also allows older students with an online or offsite curriculum provider to have a safe place to study while their parents are working.  If your student attends DFS more than two full days a week, a full membership is required, regardless of the number of enrolled classes. 

In addition, full members receive an individual hour-long consultation at the start of the school year to set goals and develop a plan for your student(s).  This is a consultation with the director of DFS, the parents, and the student(s) in the family.

Full members receive additional discounts on special events programming.  Parent professional development classes are included with your membership fee.

If you plan to enroll in several classes for your student or have a large family, a full membership will save you money!

A full membership is $300+$50 per student per month, with a volunteer commitment of 2 hours per family plus 2 hours per child (so, 1 child=4 hours, 2 children=6 hours, etc).  For example, family with three children would pay $450 per month and volunteer 8 hours per week (or four hours of classroom time).


Read about our classes for 3-6 year old children on the Discovery page.


APPLY to Dimensions Family School

An online application and $100 fee are required to process new families into Dimensions Family School, plus a clear background check.  If a family terminates their membership prior to the end of the school year, they are required to re-apply; returning families in good standing do not need to pay an additional application fee in subsequent years.  The application fee covers costs associated with your registration and account setup, and includes a summer social gathering of Dimensions Family School member families in late August of each year.

Thank you for considering Dimensions Family School for your family's educational support needs!

How will I be charged?

You will have a monthly auto draft for your membership fees (either program, full, and/or Discovery) beginning August 1 prior to the start of the school year, or upon enrollment if the year has started; this deposit covers your JUNE 2017 membership payment.  All monthly membership fees are then auto drafted on the 1st of the month for that month's payment; i.e. you will be billed for your September membership fee on September 1. There are no monthly membership fees charged in July and August, except the deposit for the coming year described above.

All classes and special events that require a fee will be billed upon registration.

Is this a school? a daycare?

Dimensions Family School is a family-centered, community oriented educational nonprofit that supports parents and students in their individual educational journeys.  Families with children ages 7 and older must either be enrolled in an accredited school program or be a legally registered homeschooling family.  Parents retain control of and responsibility for their students’ educational path and outcomes.

Can you tell me more about volunteering?

Teaching classes counts as double hours to account for planning and evaluation (so, two hours of required volunteer time equals one hour of classroom instruction per week).  There are volunteer positions that account for parents that have babies or toddlers with them, as well as positions that take place after hours or outside of the building for working parents.  Tell us what skills and talents you have to share, and we will craft a position for you!

Hours need not be served each week; they can be "banked" in advance to accommodate travel or other scheduling challenges.  Also, hours may be traded/covered by another member family in the event of illness or other difficult circumstance.  A family may also choose to pay $20 per volunteer hour via auto draft so that DFS can hire staff to cover their volunteer commitment, if finances are more plentiful than time.  These policies are in place to ensure that every member does their fair share in contributing to our community, and they are the reason we are able to offer such low member pricing coupled with fantastic learning opportunities. 

What about refunds?

Your family’s attendance at Dimensions Family School is at-will; either the family or DFS can terminate the relationship at any time.  No refunds are issued for application fees, tuition, or programming expenses, unless a program is cancelled due to low enrollment.

What about my young children under age three?

We do not offer formal programming for toddlers.  That being said, your young ones are welcome on site with a parent.  No fee is charged for younger siblings to tag along at DFS.​