Experiential, real-world, interest-led learning is the most powerful type of growth experience.  We love to help kids expand their horizons and build on their strengths in a supportive community!

​​​Serving and Strengthening the Homeschool Community

Dimensions Family School provides families with support in their homeschooling journey, mixing the strengths of a vibrant, multi-faceted school community with the individual, family-based strengths of homeschooling. This combination provides learners of all ages a new alternative to traditional education. At Dimensions, children and adults become part of a community of peers with access to knowledgeable, helpful individuals with a wide variety of skills and talents. We provide members with the resources they need to direct their own learning, including materials, classes, peer groups, and social opportunities.  When children are free to pursue their own interests, they not only become happier and more engaged, they also become increasingly self-reliant, resourceful and confident in their ability to learn.  We support parents through a Parent Professional Development series, and we work together in a community to educate each member according to their unique strengths.

Dimensions Family School is located in Durham, North Carolina. Our doors are open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.  With no attendance requirements, member families are welcome to come and go as they please. As a community-supported school, our classes require registration and we have volunteer requirements to be fulfilled.  Members with children ages 7 and older must be registered homeschoolers in the state of North Carolina or enrolled in another accredited educational setting.  Parents retain responsibility for their students' education.  

Registration for the fall of 2016 is underway; applications are available. Welcome to Dimensions Family School!

We Welcome PARENTS, GRANDPARENTS, and FRIENDS into our space. We operate our school primarily on a co-op model.  Let's learn together!

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Dimensions Family School serves the families that come to our space for hands-on, engaging learning that is selected by the student and parent. Our tailored approach to learning means your time and money are directed to the areas that your student needs most!

Class proposals for teachers and program partners are now beING accepted! Q2 classes accepted until 9/14.



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