Kristin Bowers (Afternoon Teacher) holds a BS in Elementary Education from Florida State University and has taught all grade levels from pre-K through fifth grade. She has worked with many different types of learners, from severely disabled to highly gifted. Kristin has teaching experience in both public and private school settings, including a multi-age Kindergarten class at The Mirman School for Highly Gifted Children in Los Angeles. Since moving her family to North Carolina in 2008, Kristin has been active in the homeschooling community, including serving as co-leader of CHH. In her free time, Kristin loves to garden, and take care of her chickens. 


Discovery is not a licensed preschool or daycare center.  It is a supportive learning experience for our youngest homeschooling members. Volunteering in the classroom allows you a peek into their world, and helps you to implement similar strategies that are happening in the Discovery room.  Also, bringing younger siblings allows for future transitions to go more smoothly when they are ready for Discovery!

Dimensions is primarily a member-based organization. We ask you to volunteer in the main facility (2 hours a week or teaching one class) because we strive to create an intentional community of committed families, where parents and children know one another and form close relationships between families. This task need not be onerous.  Help out at a special event, chaperone a field trip, supervise an art project, be on call as a substitute teacher, plan a fun family gathering. 


You may use the Dimensions Family Lounge during our open hours, M-F 9-4, or use our art/tinkering room with your little ones.  You may also come to special events.  The Discovery room is limited to families that are enrolled for the time they have signed up for (i.e. if you are registered Monday/Tuesday, you can come to Dimensions on Wednesday but may not be in the Discovery classroom.  You would play and read together in the Family area.)

Discovery FAQ

Welcome to Discovery!

This program is for families considering homeschooling that have children ages 3-6.  Discovery is a full pre-k and kindergarten experience that takes your child's individual developmental needs into account. Discovery is a Montessori-based, play-centered learning experiences that runs in a cooperative format.  Parents are welcome to volunteer one day out of every five that their child attends the program (younger siblings welcome!) in order to get to know your child's friends and learn the classroom routines. You may find yourself implementing familiar wording and strategies for learning and clean up from Discovery at home!  Volunteering is how the teacher can best support the parent!  Parents that attend are expected to be involved in the class under the direction of the teacher, lending a hand with an art activity or wiping down a table when needed.

There will be a daily a routine that includes snack, a science activity, a literature activity, a math activity and/or an art activity, with plenty of time for social skills practice and play-based, child-led learning opportunities.  The program will include several fun themes throughout the year.  Your child will be engaged and learning while playing!  If you have an older child and are concerned about academics, read more on our blog (short summary: your 5 or 6 year old kindergartener is in the right place here!).

Meet our Teachers!

Pricing and Schedule

Our Discovery program is the lowest priced program of its kind in the triangle!

Schedule Options:
Families may choose Morning 9am-12pm or Afternoon 1pm-4pm

Monday and Tuesday (2 half days per week) - $90/month
Wednesday/Thursday/Friday (3 half days per week) - $125/month
Weeklong (5 half days per week) - $200/month

*These fees only cover Discovery programming.  Each family must purchase an additional monthly membership, either Program or Full, and fulfill those volunteer requirements in addition to their classroom time.  Discovery fees are all-inclusive and include the materials fee.

All families are welcome to stay for All-School lunch from 12pm-1pm.  There is an additional cost of $10 per day per month for supervised care during lunchtime for Discovery students if a parent is not on-site, which must be added to your account at the time of registration (there is no drop-in lunch coverage).  For example, if you need lunch coverage on Mondays and Tuesdays, your fee is an additional $20 per month.


Aisha Sanders (Morning Teacher) holds a B.A. in International and Area Studies from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She has more than 20 years experience working with ages 0-18 years in teaching and administrative roles. Aisha’s diverse experience includes multi-age classrooms, varying learning abilities, and public and private schools, including familiarity with Montessori and nature enrichment programs.  She homeschooled her now adult children for several years. Aisha is also extremely passionate about sustainable agriculture, local arts, and building community and spends much of her free time volunteering. 

Discovery Pre-K/K Program for 3-6 Year Old Homeschoolers